About Me

I am a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience developing and executing multi-media campaigns for a variety of brands, including icons like Honda, IHOP, Cadillac, Boeing and Nestlé.

I like advertising. The process of building a brand fascinates me. I enjoy learning about a business, getting into the mind of the consumer, and driving my team to turn a solid strategy into a message that connects with the audience.

I like to make things. I am well-versed in managing large-scale campaigns across all media, and I thrive on making the tough, informed decisions necessary to keep a project on track.

I like to learn new things. Whether it's investigating a new technology to discover how we might reach a consumer in a new way, or sifting though the data to make sure we're hitting our performance metrics, I enjoy building my arsenal of tactics and tracking charts.

I also watch a lot of baseball.

Selected Projects

Honda Automatic DCT

Showcasing the emotional benefits of complex technology.

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Arizona Coyotes Playoffs

Re-engaging the fan base after a historic season.

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William Lyon Homes

Giving homebuyers across the country a consitent brand experience.

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Honda Entry Sportbike Campaign

Encouraging new riders to get their butts on a bike.

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Learn to Ride Website

Responsive site featuring evergreen content for new riders.

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Honda Broadcast Production

Showcasing cutting-edge products across categories.

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Showcasing the lighthearted side of an established icon.

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Gold Wing Family Campaign

Selling experienced riders on their motorcycle journey.

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